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Monday, November 2, 2009

Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal

Our October vacation in Tuscany, in the Maremma region in sight of the Argentario peninsula, was spectacularly refreshing. Not only was the beach completely deserted, but we were so far out of civilization we were without television or internet during our stay.

The silence felt deafening, at first. But soon, the hum of modern noise faded away, and all that remained was the gentle Tuscan landscape and the four other people I love most on this earth. We spent our timeless days gathering seashells, listening to the lulling song of the Mediterranean Sea, feeling the breeze whisper its way through the olive groves, smelling the light scent of sunbaked earth under the Tuscan sun, and experiencing the cleansing serenity.

The time was beyond all description ... and thus begun my love for Italy.

 On a couple days, we ventured to nearby hill towns...

Capalbio, an charming town built around a castle, set on top of a hill

The view through Capalbio's walls

An unsurpassed view of rural Tuscany, from Capalbio

From the terrazzo of a recommended Tuscan restaurant, set in the countryside beside a castle.

We rode to Rome on the local train (1 hour). The sights there in Rome were beyond our expectations.

My favorite Rome sight: the Pantheon

Inside the Pantheon, an incredible architectural feat for its time (31 BC). The dome, the oculus, and architecture as a whole--wow!

the Vatican

Trinita dei Monti, the Cathedral at the top of the Spanish Steps

a sculpture inside, by Michelangelo's pupil, Daniele da Volterra

the streets of Rome

And back to the sun-kissed Maremma

Thank you for sharing in our adventure to Italy. My final post of our Italian trip will be of our drive home to Prague, including Cinque Terre and Switzerland.



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos, Jennifer. Since we unfortunately don't have the means to travel for the time being, I really enjoy your blog. It's wonderful to see you getting the most out of your relocation! Keep blogging and photgraphing!

  2. Belissima!

    You took all these with your Iphone? :-)

  3. Thank you, Jenny and Michelle, for the kind words and comments! I appreciate it very much.

    :) No these photos weren't from my iPhone. Many of the landscapes were taken through the car window as we drove, and blurred even with my fast camera. I can't imagine that an image would be even visible with the slow shutter on the iPhone camera. :)

  4. Nice photos - it is difficult to have the lens capture the miraculous beauty we not only see but feel in our hearts and souls!

    Jill K

  5. Thank you, Jill! Yes, you know the amazing feeling of standing in the ancient beauties of Roma. Surely it can't be captured in a camera lens, but it's fun to try ...

  6. Maremma does that to you, doesn't it... touches your heart and soul, slows you down... and leaves you with a sense of what life is really all about. La Dolca Vita in Maremma is sweet indeed, but for the simplest of reasons.

    I am so glad that you and your family had a wonderful stay together here. I fell in love with Maremma a few years ago (after falling in love with an Italian!) and now we are very fortunate to live here. Maremma's beauty still takes my breath away every day, whether it be a hillside of Autumn vines, or the winds on a white sand shore... or tonight, an eagle standing alongside the road at a junction in the middle of no where!

    Anyway, a lovely post. Thanks

  7. Oops I pressed something before I added my name and web address.



  8. Thank you, Donna!

    Wow-- you get to live in Maremma! Incredible! Surely it is a region unsurpassed for its qualities in all the world. Enjoy!



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