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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Drive to Italy, a photojournal

It all started in a Czech snowstorm. An October snowstorm, that is...

As US expats living in Prague, we had the incredible privilege of driving to Italy for a vacation. The trip as a whole took our breath away-- Italy, and the the entire trip there and back, had a beauty beyond what we could have dreamed. And truly, the vacation was a dream come true.

Through the Prague snowstorm, into Germany and passing into the Austrian Alps, we crossed freshly frosted mountains and passed dozens of ancient castles. Our adventure to Italy was amazing. The photos from this leg of our journey (to Italy from Prague) make up blog one of three in a coming series.

I hope you enjoy the View through My Lens ...



Florence, Italy (the infamous capital of the Tuscany region)

the view from Siena's walls

Siena, Italy (in Tuscany region)

Siena's Duomo (cathedral)

Leaving Siena, we drove southwest to the charming villa we rented in Tuscany overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Next blog: photos from our week in Tuscany and our visit by train to Rome.

Enjoy the day! -Jennifer


  1. Positively glorious. Waiting eagerly for the next installment...

  2. GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS!! So happy you are enjoying.
    -Michelle Crawley

  3. Thank you! So happy to be able to share with you...
    Thank you for reading along!


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