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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Festive Angle on Life

Time.com featured a wonderful photo spread on Prague this week. Apparently, they’re naming Prague, and consequently the Czech Republic, as one of the “hippest” travel destinations. What a wonderful spotlight for a well-deserving country! So, now, I guess I can say I live in one of the hippest places in the world. Interesting …

From my perspective, Czech culture has a deep soul. Many days we wake to a rooster’s croon, see the magnificent silhouette of the Prague Castle etched out in the fog, watch the ultra-fashionable Czech women skimming over cobblestones in their four-inch heels, and hear the hum of a nation striving toward a more brilliant future. As if kicking the drab communistic grays goodbye, Czechs choose vivid colors for everything—cars, clothes, houses, art, and food.
This zest is catching, I think.

We ventured to Dresden, Germany, this past weekend—a city leveled to dust in the Second World War. There, we found beautiful reconstructed buildings, and a hearty Oktoberfest. What fun! Live music, plentiful beer, the aroma of bratwurst, and the crisp early autumn air … an experience to remember, for sure.

Honestly, I was surprised by the festive nature, and am continually positively impressed by the Czech and German and Polish people. For where I expected a down-trodden spirit routed from the years of oppressive Soviet communism, I’ve discovered bright eyes, hope, and a cheerful outlook on life.
I’d like to learn from their festive and generous spirit. Despite a dark and gloomy past, life and love can prevail, and move forward expressing an intoxicating joy for life.
Notes: A big thank you to my friend Martha for showing me the Time article. All photos of Dresden, Germany.

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